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Em 2012 eles disseram...

October 2012
"The employees on the barge were wonderful.
The host - Michele was terrific. Within an hour of us being on the barge he knew our entire group of 18 by name.
The level of service was on par with a Ritz Carlton or a Four Seasons."
Patricia Zadra USA, bike cruise

September 23-29, 2012
"C'est magnifique! the best vacation ever!
every meal was superb! the staff was congenial and made the trip perfect!
would stay on board if we could!"
Joe Gardner & Cathy La Fleur USA

September 2-8, 2012
"What a fantastic holiday
Many thanks to all the crew for looking after us so well Very good
company, fines wines and delicious food We will return!"
Paul and Carol Morris UK

August 12-18, 2012
"Dear Bertrand,
We ALL thoroughly enjoyed our stay on board Le Phenicien.
Your crew are all equally superb and gave us excellent service
The food was wonderful, the outings interesting and well thought
through with the added benefit of the ability to respond to last
minute requests which got us into a local bull running event in, I
forget where, but it was all the better for being a small village event.
We were also blessed with an interesting mix of passengers... from
USA, Germany and UK We would very much like to repeat the week....
Please pass on our thanks and good wishes to all your crew and we look
forward to returning."
Maggi Vaughan UK, Provence Camargue cruise

July 22-28, 2012
"...thanks again. The cruise was spectacular and accommodated teenagers through to Grandparents.
the excursions went out of their way to do events (bull racing,
petanque boules torunament) as well as sites. Interactive element was
the barge route South Rhone was very relaxed.
The cabin accomodations were above expectation."
Scott Clarck, family charter, Provence Camargue cruise

Em 2011 eles disseram...

September 18, 2011
"The barge was great and pretty much what I expected. The crew was over-the-top incredible.
They accommodated every need, attentive to individual requests and concerned with keeping the entire barge happy.
I don't know how they do it, but each and every day Sophie and Michele were full of energy and enthusiasm. Could not have been in better hands!
The words can't describe how incredible the meals and the wine selection were. The variety of foods was a sensory delight !
Please pass along to the owners that their service and attention to detail was truly outstanding."
Shellie Dawson and Adrienne Galajda USA, Provence Camargue cruise

Em 2010 eles disseram...

April 2010
“Very relaxing, crew went out of their way to be helpful. We particularly enjoyed the afternoon outings. All the places we visited were interesting.
Fantastic food and wine. Thierry had a fantastic imagination, everything he produced was delicious and if someone was not keen on something somebody else ate it! The lunches were well received with the mix of hot and colds and the cheese all yummy and desserts - well the chocolate mousse was the best (and I make a good one too). Wines were all great to in fact Michel gave me the list so we may be able to hunt some of them down ourselves.
My mother had a great time for her birthday and she managed to keep up with her grandchildren. She was just so impressed with the crew and she felt that both Bertrand and Michel would have stood on their heads if we had asked them. They helped where they could and with all the excitement with the ash Bertrand made sure the family was kept up to date with the news as well as making sure everyone managed to get away at the end of the trip. My mother enjoyed speaking French with them - the rest of us are almost useless.”
Charter Cox Family

Em 2009 eles disseram...

May 30, 2009
“We had so much fun! Many thanks to the crew for making it a memorable week.
Hope to see some of you in US”
Fred and Betty

June, 2009
“Dear Bertrand
Thank you for a most unforgettable holiday!
The crew is wonderful, the food is beautiful and the barge is like a beautiful home
Best wishes, ”
Lucy Yen Hong Kong

July 18, 2009
“Thank you for an unforgettable week! We have been spoiled completely with your wonderful cave, and food of Thierry which I will remember forever
Grosse bises et merci à tous”
Stewart & Kate McCure

August 2009
“ The Waldman, Marsing, Lockwood families- all offshoots of the Waldmans enjoyed a wonderful week of fun and sun on board Le Phénicien. The staff and the food were exquisite and the grandkids got to teach many of the staff new games. Our families are spread all over the States from North to South and East to West, but everyone came together and had a fabulous time on the barge.
Many, many thanks to the staff for making this truly memorable! ”
Julia, Noah, Jeannie Waldman, Atlanta USA

Em 2008 eles disseram...

April 18, 2008
“Merci merci merci !!great food, great crew, great new friends. We had an incredible week and the most amazing food ! we could not have asked for a better crew. They were all delightful and always with a smile. Please came see us in Texas. We will now go home to a huge DIET!! Thanks to all”
Steve & Michelle Anderson Texas USA

May 11, 2008
“Wonderful experience, never expected such fabulous food and service, will suggest this trip to all my friend.”
Sharon & David Neenan Colorado USA

June 13, 2008
“this was the best way to see France, best way taste, learn about French food. I loved my chance to observe in the kitchen every morning;
Love + best of luck to captain + entire crew. We will spread the world”
Elise Donahue, Rowayton, CT. USA

June 13, 2008
“A most wonderful experience. Our whole Family has had a terrific time and we thank the whole crew for everything they have done to make this so memorable”
Katharin and Brown Lingamfelter and family

June 21, 2008
“We cannot express how this trip has been, the attention to details throughout the barge, the attention to our care and well-being and the attention to the food and its presentation. The field trips were also very pleasant, very well organized with knowledgeable guides. Thank you very much for all our wonderful memories…especially our anniversary celebration!”
Laverne & Richard Laxen, Houston Texas USA

July 5, 2008
“A recipe for you
Take 8 perfectly-good strangers.
Float them on a beautiful barge
Thru the canal of Provence.
Add in a wonderful hard working crew.
Mix it with the best wines of the region
And it infuse it with exquisite cuisine
The result is an extraordinary excellent adventure
What a journey! We don’t want it to end!
Every moment has been memorable.
Merci Merci Merci !!”
Liz & Bryce Phillips, Pickering Ontario Canada

October 2008
“ This has been the most wonderful experience for our first trip to France, the crew have been exceptional and the sightseeing amazing. Thank you all for a wonderful time.”
Rhondalee & Michael Spicer

Em 2007 eles disseram...

April 21, 2007
“It is with great disappointment that we bid you farewell. Au revoir and merci beaucoup. The barge cruise was one of the most enjoyable holidays we have ever experienced. The attention to detail in everything surpassed all our expectations. The meals, the folding of the napkins the delightful crew, the superb farewell dessert. C’est magnifique. THANK YOU.”
Robin and Ian M. Queensland , Australia

June 2, 2007
“Our Provence experience was wonderful. We loved the sights, the friendship we have made and the fabulous staff on Le Phenicien. Food + service were unforgettable, we enjoyed every minute”
Ed & Pam L. CA, USA

June 9, 2007
“We are surrounded by dear friends, led by and guests of Jack G. and Barry H.. Seventeen friends enjoying life together for a week of food (fabulous), shared quarters (so cute!) and Provence (oh! So wonderful)”
Jack R., CO USA

June 22, 2007
“To the fabulous LE PHENICIEN crew.
What a treasure the week has been aboard this beautiful barge. Every detail was fabulous from the service, accommodations, friendliness, excursions, and food! Thank you for accommodating our “fun family” it’s all been perfect and we’ll always cherish the trip. Magnifique!”
Caren & Jim B. GE, USA

July 6, 2007
Nine Aussies were Provence bound
LE PHENICIEN was then found
René the pilot steered south
From Avignon to Le Rhône mouth

  Along the way great fare was had
Bubbles flowed and they were glad
Mathieu made sure they were merry
Food exquisite! thanks to Thierry

  Yuna's napkin folding skills
Presented us with many thrills
We toured with Bertrand every day
All of which enhanced our stay

  Our memories will be long enduring
Of a country most alluring
Sad to leave the barge at last
Thanks to all ~ it's been a blast!
Vive la France!”
Barrie M.Vic, Australia

July 13, 2007
“Bertrand & crew
Thank you for the most wonderful scenery, food and beverages I have experienced in my life. I will never forget this cruise as long as I live. We love your country and Provence. Thank you for introducing us to your family and friends. Best regards to all the crew. Sincerely”
Stuart G. NE, USA

August 11, 2007
“Merci, merci, merci. You were truly wonderful to us and we will never forget this trip. There is no way to thank you enough nor anyway to describe how hard it is to say good bye.”
Brian & Gay N., MD USA

August 17, 2007
“So happy we chose this barge to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary! Nothing else could have come close. You and the staff have given us many happy memories for many years.”
Sally & Wayne R., FL USA

September 22, 2007
“Bertrand and all – just fab-o-lish-ous! I have always wanted to barge through France and this trip was better than I could ever imagine. Terrific scenery, wonderful food and super crew. Thanks for such good memories.”
Bill S. & Tricia H., VA USA

October 6, 2007
“Everything has been beyond our expectations. Barging in England will be hard work in the future. All the crew have been fabulous. Thank you for a wonderful holiday.”
Maxine & Bob C., UK

“The barge, crew and trip were all wonderful. We had 14 Americans and 4 brits on the cruise. A real variety of individuals. We all got along quite well.
Indeed, we are presently sharing photos. The barge itself was well appointed, comfortable and very relaxing.
The food was epicurean, a really great chef. We had regional wine with dinner and supper, along with comments on the wine. Day excursions were very well organized, often with guides.
The weather was excellent, only one morning of rain. Being in the "shoulder" season, there were no crowds, which added to the enjoyment. All in all a very pleasant trip. Thanks for your help.”
Gordon C. MD, USA

“The barge was gorgeous, the staff top notch and the other guests were great. I can't say enough good about it. You can see my photos and some of the other guests photos at
Thank you for all your help.”
Nanci W. TX, USA

October 13, 2007
“To a fabulous team on Le Phénicien. Bertrand, Mathieu, Alexandra, Thierry, René, Nathalie what a superb time we’ve had on board your barge, your service was superb, your friendliness and hospitality enjoyed by our group. No good bye but rather Adieu – until we meet again”
Demetra S., South Africa

October 27, 2007
“What can I say…we had a fabulous time and I will always remember my 60th birthday party with my dear family – you made our stay wonderful, the food was delicious and the joy of simply being together - Thank you, thank you, merci”
Jim & Doyle S., CO USA

Em 2005 eles disseram...

May 1-7, 2005
“What a wonderful trip – very scenic – and the weather couldn’t have been nicer. The Chef outdid himself. We are now hooked with barging! Warmest regards. Merci beaucoup”
Diane and Ken W., Richmond, Virginia

May 27, 2005
“Each day of our journey through Provence seemed as though it were planned just for us. The crew was so “on the mark” with help and suggestions. And the cuisine !!!
Thank you for a wonderful vacation.”
Jane and Bill B. NY city

“Have been on river cruises many times but this was our first ‘small boat canal cruise’. We’ll never go back to the big boats!! We had a wonderful time, cannot recommend the boat too highly! We will be back!”
Wynn and Marion L., Sacramento, California

June 3, 2005
“Getting in Avignon, eating Charcuterie and sipping Côtes du Rhône wine we look back on our wonderful trip through the south of France with great memories of our trip. Thank you for a wonderful trip!”
The S./N./S./B. family.

June 10, 2005
“We had an absolutely fabulous time. Food was outstanding with lots of wonderful flavors. A beautiful barge, Claudette has a wonderful sense of decorating. We had a wonderful trip.”
Tim ad Chris K., Paradise Valley

“Thank you so much for a wonderful, wonderful trip! Could you cruise another itinerary we would love to enjoy your hospitality again!”
Mike and Sheila H. Danbury, CT

June 17, 2005
“Here we are at the end of a fabulous trip! I wish we could start all over again! This was a dream of mine that was realized with great company, warm crew, glorious accommodation and heavenly cuisine (thanks for the cooking lesson)” Gerry and Barbara B. Citizens of the world

“To the wonderful crew of LE PHENICIEN. We are sad to depart your lovely barge after such a terrific week of good company, great food and the beautiful sights of southern France. It was everything we imagined and more! Thank you also for the special celebration of our 10th Anniversary! The dessert was spectacular and we so appreciated the efforts of the crew to make the evening special for us! We will miss you all, but feel as though we leave with great memories and a special understanding of your country and culture! Thanks also for the late night, in depth conversations!”
Andrew and Danielle C. Cedar Park, Texas

June 26 – July 2, 2005
“Seven adults, seven children, seven crew, one family, one week, one great time! Great food, great wine, great boat!”
The M. family, Westport, CT

July 07, 2005
“Thank you! To the crew of The “Phenicien”! we were all treated like Kings and Queens for the entire week. I will never forget this wonderful trip. Thank you.”
Shelly G. San Diego, CA. (full boat charter)

July 31 – August 6, 2005
“As the Grand Mere of this group I have to say it has been simply MARVELLOUS!! We are from age 82 until 6 and everyone of us has had the best time ever. I just can’t say enough. My husband, Tom, joins in whishing all of you, the crew and guests, the very best. More Love.”
Janie and Tom S.

August 19, 2005
“I can’t imagine having a better experience – the history, the tours, the food, the wine – it was all great. Our marks to the crew for a memorable experience.”
Amy R. and Bob E.
“Dear Le Phénicien I have had a wonderful time on the boat. Love.” Tobby (6 years old…)

September 9, 2005
“…a most enjoyable experience – superb attention to details, extraordinary meals. The crew could not have been more pleasant and accommodating. A wonderful trip, Merci beaucoup !!”
The Leightons, Westfield, NJ

“Salena et moi aussi. Les repas étaient délicieux, les services parfaits”
Senator Ray L., New Jersey

September 11-17, 2005
“Thanks for sharing wonderful slices of Provence with us on your delightful boat. Great crew, terrific food, and informative, interesting excursions. We all had a fun, happy time. All the best.”
Bill and Marsha L. Irvine, CA

September 23, 2005
“Thank you for treating us as though we were guests in your home”
Peter and Betty A.

September 30, 2005
“To all The Phenicien crew – We appreciate your warmth and friendliness. We felt so “at home” with you all. The food was so spectacular! We have so many wonderful memories to take home to Canada with us. Thanks for all you have done to give us such a wonderful holiday.”
Tom and Barbara T.

October 8, 2005
“Everything was 1st class, centered round exquisite dining each day. The staff was absolutely marvelous in meeting our every need. Splendid in all respects.”
Isabel and John B., London, Ontario.

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